The Czech Republic ranks second-last in the production of vegetables per capita in the whole of Europe. Our mission is to help Czechs eat the best-tasting locally grown vegetables all year round.

So, therefore, at our Bezdínek Farm, located directly next to the Niva Olše – Věřňovice Nature Reserve, we will grow the tastiest varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers and harvest them only when they have fully ripened.

Our mission is to contribute to Czechs and Slovaks to eat 12 months a year more locally grown vegetables with the best possible flavour.

We will grow our vegetables in organic substrates, watering them primarily with rain water and will use biological means to protect them from pests. We plan to employ up to 150 local people each year in single-shifts mainly from Monday to Friday.

Our farm will also include a store where you can purchase fresh tomatoes and cucumbers directly. You can see for yourself how we grow our tomatoes and cucumbers at our visitor greenhouse, where we will happily show you around.

The company behind this project is the Zlín-based NWT Group, the largest supplier of production greenhouses in the Czech Republic with many years of experience in the construction and operation of greenhouses both here and in Slovakia.