Baby plum extra sweet tomatoes, loose

The most premium product, awarded with many awards, is the winner of the prestigious children's award Yum! The smallest gourmets love it because it crisps up beautifully, plus it stays fresh for a long time.

> 9 ° BRIX
Sugar content
10-12 G
Average fruit weight
Vine Mini-cherry Tomatoes

The Princess is one of the sweetest varieties among our tomatoes. We harvest it for you by hand, either individually or on the cluster.

> 10 ° BRIX
Sugar content
12–14 G
Average fruit weight
A great salad partner is juicy and full of fresh tomato flavor. We harvest it on the cluster.

> 6 ° BRIX
Sugar content
35-45 G
Average fruit weight
Midi / medium length cucumbers
Excellent flavour for every salad. Also juicy
low-calorie snack.

300-350 G
Average fruit weight
18-22 CM
Average lenght
Vine tomatoes with a characteristic tassel
Delicious vine tomatoes. Great companion not only in your kitchen.

> 4 ° BRIX
Sugar content
120–140 g
Average fruit weight
Baby cucumbers / baby-size cucumber for the yo ung ones
Juicy and crunchy petite cucumbers full
of vitamins that are great for a quick nutritious snack.

40 G
Average fruit weight
8-10 CM
Average lenght
CHERRY TOMATOES, halved or quarters
Our tomatoes retain their excellent taste and premium quality „pesticide-free“ even after drying. If you allow them to, they will play a key role in your favorite recipes. They are directly divine in salads, on pasta, loaded in oil or as part of a pesto.

100 G
Average fruit weight
Quality flower honey, which is a purely natural product. Our bees fly around their hives at the foot of the Chřiby hills, where they help pollinate agricultural crops or look for pasture in the adjacent mixed forests. A natural property of honey is crystallization, which proves its quality.

900 G
Average fruit weight