Baby plum extra sweet tomatoes, loose
Exceptionally popular baby plum extra sweet tomatoes. Ideal for a crunchy snack.

> 9 ° BRIX
Sugar content
10-12 G
Average fruit weight
Vine tomatoes with a characteristic tassel
Delicious vine tomatoes. Great companion not only in your kitchen.

> 4 ° BRIX
Sugar content
120–140 g
Average fruit weight
Midi / medium length cucumbers
Excellent flavour for every salad. Also juicy
low-calorie snack.

300-350 G
Average fruit weight
18-22 CM
Average lenght
Mini extra sweet cherry tomatoes on the vine
Premium extra sweet mini cherry tomatoes
on the vine. Exceptional taste combined with outstanding presentation.

> 10 ° BRIX
Sugar content
12–14 G
Average fruit weight
Baby cucumbers / baby-size cucumber for the yo ung ones
Juicy and crunchy petite cucumbers full
of vitamins that are great for a quick nutritious snack.

40 G
Average fruit weight
8-10 CM
Average lenght