We support
We are fans of a healthy lifestyle and we are happy to see children and adults eating healthy, exercising, learning and making the most of their free time. Such projects make sense to us and we want to support them.
Tour full of health with ZUČM

In 2018, the Vegetable Growers Union of Bohemia and Moravia launched a campaign to promote the consumption of local vegetables. Our farm is in it with them. A team of enthusiastic greengrocers are visiting food festivals and traditional agricultural events with their vegetable harvest, heading to schools to visit children – “because it all starts with our little ones” – and planning a series of events in front of shopping centres and supermarkets.

Sweet children

Together with our sister Kameničany Farm in Slovakia, we support the activities of the “Sweet Children” project, which raise awareness about type 1 diabetes in children here and in Slovakia and healthy eating for children in general.

Diabetic children make up a numerically insignificant part of all diabetic patients, their number is now around 3 800 in the whole country, which is about three times more than twenty years ago. However, they are also the most vulnerable group of people with diabetes, as these children will live relatively the longest part of their lives with the disease and are undoubtedly at a higher risk of developing various complications at an early age than when diagnosed in adulthood.

A healthy diet is essential for good compensation in children diagnosed with DM1. And our tomatoes and cucumbers not only make life tastier, but also healthier.

Ideas worth spreading

The global phenomenon TED is known for its receptivity to innovative ideas. And it doesn’t have to be an ambition to change the world, many times you just have to change yourself, because that’s where it all starts.
As part of our corporate philosophy, we give space to anyone who has a vision and can share it with others. That’s the only way visions can become reality. And Farma Bezdínek wants to be there – with the initial ideas and impulses that, sooner or later, can turn into a big, society-wide idea.

TED talk – Agriculture as a hi-tech industry | Jiří Stodůlka